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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The 7 Laws of Concentration for Effective Classroom Management

Effective classroom management is very key to an optimum classroom performance as a teacher and every teacher knows this. However, no classroom is well-managed where there is lack of concentration among learners.

Whatever be the effort of the teacher, the quality of materials and teaching; as well as the methodology applied to reach out to the pupils; if the learners are not concentrated, the class becomes uncontrollably rowdy, resulting to the erosion of whatever that is being taught.

Every average teacher has this as one of his greatest challenge in managing his/her classroom- lack of concentration among pupils. And we all know too well that if this area is not settled, classroom management becomes a dream in futility.

Hence, every great teacher seeks a way to get learners achieve maximum concentration level while lesson is going on.

Remember, school children, especially those in the lower key stages, are prone to restiveness- concentration is totally not part of their natural instincts- so, you’ve got to train them and instill the skill and attitude of concentration in them.

How do you do it?

In this post, I share with you what is technically called ‘The 7 Laws of Classroom Concentration’- they are 7 guided instructions that must form part of your key classroom rules, and be made to be obeyed to the letter by your pupils. Frankly speaking, if you get it right here, you would have tackled more than half of your classroom challenges as a teacher.

#Law 1: Get your materials ready before lesson time
You must emphasize on this until it becomes a habit with your pupils. In a typical classroom situation where such rules and not applied, pupils spend close to 10 minutes, if not more looking for and arranging their lesson materials, which would also eat deep into the lesson period proper.

Moreover, you must have noticed as a teacher that at such a time when your pupils are busy looking for their lesson materials, the classroom becomes uncontrollably wild- you hear screaming and shouts of ‘give me my pen, where is my book?, I gave you my math set yesterday blab la blab!’ And you’ll likely join the chorus: Stop making noise, keep quiet, settle down, Can’t you hear me? Please time is going blab la blab!

How long will you keep doing this? If the kids could be trained on how to make their materials ready before any lesson time, this problem will be eliminated or at worst be reduced to the barest minimum.

#Law 2: Have a good rest and recreation
You as a teacher will help to create this. You don’t eat deep into their recreation period and expect them to concentrate during lessons. If there is a time earmarked for pupils to rest, enforce it and never allow any child do any other thing else, no matter how important that may appear.

When pupils are not allowed to have their recreation during recreation time, it would then be futile expecting them to learn during lesson time. Great teachers don’t toy with the lesson time table. You have to make sure you don’t eat into the children’s recreation period for any reason. On the other hand, never tolerate this- any of your pupils doing any other thing when it’s time for recreation.

Let recreation time be recreation time; then the children will concentrate during lesson periods.

#Law 3: Be time-conscious
When pupils are trained to be time-conscious in meeting targets, they have less time to lose concentration, as they are bound to concentrate in order to meet up with given targets.

If you as a teacher has taught your pupils on the power and essence of time consciousness through personal example and regular emphasis, the pupils will get to a point where they will treat time with every caution as not to waste it.

And the truth is that when people are mindful of time, they give no room for distraction- there is maximum concentration. You must have come across some school children who keep talking and distracting others unnecessarily during class work or during exams, even when they are behind schedule. They do that because there is this feeling that they can finish at any time and submit their works at any time, hence there is no regard for the prompt use of time.

But imagine when a child is very sure that he has say, only 30 minutes to finish up his work, and the teacher is very strict with that deadline, how on earth will he lose concentration from the real deal? Never!

#Law 4: Be attentive in the classroom
This cannot be over-emphasized. You have to enforce it. While we might have been advised to be lenient while dealing with school children, especially those in the lower key stages, there are certain areas of the classroom life that requires sternness- attentiveness in the classroom is one such area- you don’t take it lying low with any child that won’t be attentive while lesson is going on.

When each child pays attention to the ongoing classroom activity, there is usually less room to have distraction that could lead to loss of concentration.

Meanwhile, as a teacher, you know too well that you have a big part to play in keeping your learners attentive during classroom engagement. Let your lesson be engaging enough as to engage all learners under your tutorship.

#Law 5: Maintain a good sitting posture and position
You don’t allow your pupils to sit in a haphazard way in the class. This might inconvenience them, thereby making it difficult for them to concentrate. Also consider the sitting position of each child based on their personality.

You can’t shut down on the kids when they complain of discomfort due to poor sitting arrangement. Hence as a teacher, you both emphasize and work towards ensuring that your pupils are seated in a way that each child finds convenience and also have a clear view of the board.

You also need to study the personality traits of your pupils as to know those who are easily distracted by light and movements and keep them away from such objects of distraction.

#Law6: Keep away the trash
You also need to help out in this area. Every material or item that could form an object of distraction should be kept away from the pupils during lesson times. This includes materials on previous or upcoming lesson, water bottle and all what’s not.

Emphasize this to your pupils and ensure they adhere to it religiously. You don’t allow your pupils keep their lunch box or water bottle close to their desks while lesson is going on- if you do, you’ve given license to dull ones among them find a tool of distraction. It’s also wrong to allow kids keep notes of previous lessons or upcoming ones on their desks while a particular lesson is ongoing.

The rule is simple: Let every trash be kept away!

#Law 7: Share your inconvenience with your teacher
Emphasize on this- your pupils should find it easy to share with you things that affect their ability to concentrate in the classroom; and efforts must be made to proffer the appropriate solution.

Most times when you see pupils being distracted and losing concentration during lessons, it might be as a result of inner worries and inconveniences, some of which they crave for privacy to share with a more matured and caring mentor. When they are not sure they can share such fears and worry with you, the next they do is either share with their friends while lesson is going on or they keep it to themselves- but they must have lost every interest in the ongoing lesson.

As a teacher, you need to create such a room for your students to find in you a worthy mentor and reliable confidant, with whom they can easily share their fears and inconveniences and be sure of a solution.

Be that mother and mentor to them and let them know it.

Concentration of your pupils during lesson time helps you in more ways than one to giving your best as well as getting the best result from your pupils. Let these 7 guided laws be part of your classroom today. By the time your pupils embrace it, you must have won the battle of classroom management in a very effective and efficient way.

Wishing you luck as you try these!

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