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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

12 Online/Offline Second Income Platform for Low Income Teachers

Teachers can have multiple income sources that are both genuine and accommodating enough to allow them still give their best as teachers.
The need to have other sources of income outside that paltry sum called monthly salary, has become so important considering the economic realities of the 21st century. 

Read: The 21st Century Realities and Why Teachers Need a Second Income 

In this post, I show you 12 online and offline business/income platforms for teachers, especially those in the low income bracket. These income platforms will suit the average teacher’s preferences in terms of both skill and time needed to do them.

Offline Business/Income Platforms

#1. Co-operative Investment 
Co-operative investment has to do with teachers pulling their resources together as a co-operative to engage in profitable business venture. The pulling of resources together will enable them operate as a form of wholesale or large scale retailing, which enables them buy at cheaper price and make huge profit in return. 

This is how it works- A particular item is sold for say, $50 retail at market price. Teachers pull their money together and buy same item in larger quantity (wholesale price) at a unit price of say $40. They now sell to each member of the co-operative at a reduced price of $45. Here, the teachers have gained by buying cheaper, while the co-operative also earns more profit- which can either be ploughed back to the business for expansion or be shared among the teachers. 

You see this is double profit. It works best when the school management approves and regulates it. I enjoin school managers and owners to support this initiative among teachers while trying to regulate it to avoid abuse.

#2. Home coaching
This is another offline second income platform for low income teachers. Teachers should be able to develop competence and expertise in their area of engagement. With that, they can add to their regular salary with home teaching in their area of expertise. 

It’s not just about English Language and Mathematics. There is no subject that is so less important that it cannot be offered in home coaching; it solely depends on how teachers promote their ‘businesses’. 

The best practice of home coaching- especially when it involves those subjects that are not on high side of demand by parents- is walking up to parents (not in a beggarly manner) and convince them of the need to enroll their wards into home lesson on that particular subject. But be sure parents will want you to justify your pay; so be more innovative and give your best.

#3. Public speaking
I believe teachers have a message for their worlds. That message should not be limited to the four walls of the classroom; it should be given out to the general society in return for a pay check.

You can start by organizing summer camp meetings for the youths in your neighbourhood or local church. You can also do same for a women group in your local church or neighbourhood. Another option is to meet with local church pastors or community heads and arrange to organize a personality development training programme for both the professionals and the others in their midst. 
Of course when you initially start, you charge little or no fee- you’re just testing the waters. By the time you become famous in what you do, a lot of people will readily hire you for a fat check.

#4. Education consultancy
This second income platform is more appropriate for part-time educators or those who decide to go into full-time consultancy. It has to do with training school managers or teachers on a particular area of school life where your expertise is proven. 

Personally, I have tried this even as a full time educator. But the challenge here is that you can only fix your training on weekends, which is not always convenient for the schools and teachers you wish to train. And there is no way you leave your day job to visit other schools for training and expect your boss to smile back at you with a genuine handshake. 

Hey! Take note of this! You can’t go into education consultancy without knowing your onions. You’ve got to be well read and train first to be an expert professional in that field of consultancy before launching into it, otherwise you mess up yourself. Remember, you can never be a jack of all trade in education consultancy. Just choose a sub niche- be it school leadership, early years and development, curriculum design, phonics and phonetics, virtual classroom, name it- get adequate training and retraining, be the best in that area as much as you can, then run with it. 

#5. Book authoring (Hard copy)
How true is this maxim, “if you can teach, you can write”? I believe it. Teachers can write, after all they’ve been writing. The only thing that can make a teacher not to be able to write is pure mental laziness. Outside that, the average teacher has what it takes to write a book and earn a living writing.

Are you not challenged as a teacher sometimes to see some outdated materials handed out to you for classroom delivery? You feel something better should have been on the plate. Why not be the one to provide that better material for schools and learners?

                           BE THE FIRST TO REQUEST FOR THIS E-BOOK

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Teachers can write books on classroom success tips. They can write academic books on different subjects; they can write motivational books that motivate both teachers and students. They can also write poems and other works of literature. They can write books on school management principles and policies. The list is endless.

Hard copy is always the best option for rural teachers as they can easily visit schools to market their books rather than selling online as e-book. 

#6. Offline affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing has to do with the selling of another person’s product in return for an agreed commission. In recent times, affiliate marketing has taken hold of global marketing structure. But what we have so far witnessed is the online version of it. 

But let’s bear this in mind, affiliate and networking marketing have come to stay, and will rule the global marketing for many years to come. Hence, it won’t stop at the online platform- very soon local stores will require affiliates to help them market their products for a wider market reach. Teachers can take advantage of that now. 

Write down some of the commonest school supplies parents and schools always shop for their wards and students; arrange with local stores to sell for them on an agreed commission. You can also make small profit on each item.
In fact some e-commerce stores like Jumia and Konga are running such offline affiliate programme. You can join the J-Force team (Jumia sales force team) and make money recommending and selling their products to schools, parents and neighbours. I once made a sales of over #480,000 (about $1500) to my school as a J-force team member and earned a very huge commission as well as an upgrade to my level. 

Offline affiliate marketing can add more than a second income to your monthly salary as a teacher.

Online Business/Income Platforms

#7. Blogging
The best way to describe blogging is simply ‘an online journalism’. You’ve got a message for the world, share it. While there are lots of hot-selling niches out there, the truth about blogging is that there is nothing you blog about that you won’t find those who are interested in it. In fact, there is nothing you can blog about today that has not been possibly blogged by someone else out there. Hence, originality, expertise and creativity pays off as long as blogging is concerned.

I will always advice you go into an area that you are an expert in as well as have passion for. This is what helps you sit down and produce original and quality content that readers would be happy to search for each day. Avoid plagiarism as it does not pay.

The next question is how do you earn a second income blogging as a teacher?

There are many ways of course but let me share few of them here:

*** Ad Traffic Networks: By this I mean sites that pays you by placing their ads or their client’s ads on your blog in return for a paycheck. This is how it works: The Company places an ad on your blog (this is only when you must have registered and your site having been approved), your site visitors sees the ads or clicks on any one of them, and you’re paid a commission- it could be either PPC (Pay Per Click) or PPM (Pay Per IMpression). Sometimes, you have something like PPA (Pay Per Action), indicating that your site visitors must take action like sign up or purchase before you’re paid. 

The leading ad network is Google Adsense. Chitika is another one. There are very many others like Nairapp if you’re a Nigerian blogger. Search the net and you have them.

*** You can as well create an advert space on your blog and get paid on agreed commission by the advertisers on your page.

*** If you’re into online affiliate programme, blogging is the best platform to attract sales. All you do is share your affiliate links alongside related posts and your site visitors are likely going to click through and possibly make a purchase that brings in some checks to you.

*** Another way to earn from blogging is to include some of the services you can render on your blog. When your site visitors see them, they can easily contact you to render such services in return for a pay check. 
The list is endless.

Read: How to Make Money Blogging as a Teacher

#8. E-book authoring
If you can write a hard copy text (as discussed in #5 above), then writing an e-book won’t be a problem for you. The only little challenge is knowing how to design a captivating e-book cover, obtain the sales link and everything about marketing it. But sincerely, these are no problems on their own the moment you learn how to do them- they are very simple of course!

With e-book you build a residual income. How do I mean? You write one book on a particular topic and you can sell the same single book to millions of people and in years to come without the need to reprint. Besides, you don’t incur warehousing cost, transport cost or fear of losing your books to fire, theft or any form of damage as is characteristic with hard cover books.

You end up making so much money just writing e-book. 

In e-book writing, you don’t need to write 100+ pages. A 30-page e-book with rich and demanding information will still sell in spite of the huge price tag you place on it. Teacher don’t neglect this aspect of second income opportunity for you.

#9. Online tutoring
A lot of teachers would rather stick on with their mortar and brick classroom assignment than consider going into online tutoring. But, let me shock you with this prediction: in the next ten years or less, the conventional school system (of physical building) will go into extinction; and virtual learning will take over. 
There are reasons why it must happen.

I wrote an article that shares some of the points here. Read it here.

So the earlier teachers embrace the online tutoring platform and learn its rope, the better it will serve them to be properly equipped and relevant in the future. 
Beside the imperative of going into online tutoring, it gives you also a wider reach to millions of learners across the globe. This is money on the plate waiting for you. Just make sure you know your onions. 

Even at present, there are lots of online tutoring sites that are hiring teachers. and PrepClass are one of the most popular ones that accept Nigerian teachers and vocational skill trainers. Search online for them, register with them (it’s always free) and be paid an agreed commission for service rendered.

#10. Freelance writing
Freelance writing is all about writing original and quality articles as needed by clients and being paid for it. There are lots of education sites that offer freelance writing opportunities for teachers. I will always recommend School Leaders Now  and WeAreTeachers.

As a teacher, you can make money on your spare time getting writing contracts from clients around the world and make real money when your work is accepted. For instance, School Leaders Now pays you $100 for every 500 to 700-word article that is approved. And you can always write as much as you want. Search the net and you find many such fora paying teachers for their writing jobs. 

#11. Online affiliate marketing
I have talked about the affiliate marketing model (the offline version) in #6 above. Here I am discussing its online version, where all you need to do is place and share your affiliate links and promotional banners on your blog site or social media pages and you’re good to go. When your fans or blog visitors click on those promotional links and end up making a purchase in the main site, you earn a commission.

If you do your work very well-like promoting your links to the right audience- you will end up making triple of your current regular salary in affiliate commission. What a thrilling experience of making money on a product you neither own nor process!

#12. Mini-importation
The advancement in technology and its effect on global marketing has made it possible for everyone to have access to importation business. Importation is no longer a term used for multi-million business moguls. Everyone can now stay at the comfort of his home with an internet-connected device and import from any part of the world. 

This is another second income option for teachers. Sites like offers cheap but quality items you can resell at a higher profit.

I have taken time to outline all these second income/business models for teachers- the ones that won’t distract them from doing their works effectively as teachers. I so hope that teachers, especially those of low income bracket in Africa will find this post so relevant and impactful. 

Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box or contact us directly at:

Phone call/whatsapp: +2347066894406

We are here to guide you as well as help you choose the best platforms in each of the income/business models listed above.

See you up there as a wealthy teacher!

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