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Dear Reader, Teaching has been a time honored tradition for hundreds of years. Whether you want to pursue a career in teaching or you wish to volunteer your time as a teacher, it is important to learn key techniques which can improve your teaching abilities. Without the right tools and information, it could take you years and cost you a...
Dear Reader, Teaching has been a time honored tradition for hundreds of years. Whether you want to pursue a career in teaching or you wish to volunteer your time as a teacher, it is important to learn key techniques which can improve your teaching abilities. Without the right tools and information, it could take you years and cost you a small fortune to discover the secrets to teaching. Instead of spending a fortune on so-called experts or knocking yourself out with the old trial and error method, there is an easier way to be the teacher you have always dreamed of. Now theres good news .... I wont deny that there are a ton of books out there on teaching. Unfortunately the problem with most books on the subject of teaching is that they are either filled with plenty of promises and no solid techniques and strategies to back up those promises or they contain only one or two pieces of useful information and not a comprehensive look at everything you need to know to succeed in teaching. Introducing The Teachers Guide! Teachers Guide breaks the mold of all the other teaching books and manuals you have heard and read about. It presents solid, proven steps to help you learn how to be the teacher youve always wanted. Sounds too good to be true? Its not and I can prove it with Teachers Guide! But, first a word of introduction. My name is Dan. A few years ago I found myself in a situation not too different from your own. Like almost everyone else, I longed to be a better teacher, but I had no idea where to start! None of the books I had read on teaching had been able to solve my problem. Some of them were so mired down in fancy words and technicalities that it was a miracle I ever got past the first chapter! Others might have passed on a helpful hint or two, but did not solve my problems. Thats when it hit me! If I couldnt find a comprehensive guide on teaching, then why not create my own? I was tired of flipping back and forth through tons of books for the few bits of information that could help me; but I reasoned that if I put all those little tidbits of info together then I might actually be able to begin understanding the secrets to teaching. The next morning I furiously began to read through all of the teaching books that I had purchased over the past three years and take down the pertinent notes. I didnt stop there either. I swallowed my pride and enlisted the help of people that I knew who had been personally successful in teaching. It took awhile to sort through all of the information I had gathered and compile the notes I received from the experts I consulted, but when I was finished I sat back and was completely stunned. Right here in front of me was the information that I had been seeking all along! From the notes I had taken from several articles on the subject of teaching, as well as my own experiments, I had comprised a comprehensive compendium on the subject of teaching. I sat back in stunned amazement! It was all there! The Work of the Teacher How to Stimulate Thinking The Importance of Play in Education Classroom Lessons The Importance of Individual Differences How to Cultivate Moral Attitudes Then I decided to try an experiment and put all of my hard work to the test. The next morning I awoke with new determination. This time I would not fail! Suddenly, I was excited! I absolutely could not believe the difference. Suddenly it was all so clear! I could easily implement proven strategies without having to wade through a mountain of fancy words and difficult to understand terms. What happened next was nothing short of amazing! These strategies not only worked, but the results were completely astonishing. As my success with teaching grew, I started to feel guilty. I knew there were a lot more people out there who wanted the same solutions I had found. Somehow, it just didnt seem right to keep it to myself. One night as I made some changes to my book, I wondered how many other people might have the same problem? After all, if I couldnt find a decent comprehensive teaching manual, what were the chances anyone else could? Given the tremendous success I had encountered using my manual; I was sure that other people could take the same easy to read and understands strategies and achieve success as well. Right now youre probably thinking, Yeah, right. Theres a ton of teaching books out there. What makes you and your book so different? I wont deny for a minute that there are some good teaching books out there-after all Ive read most of them, if not all of them. The difference, however; is that my book blows all the others out of the water because it doesnt just focus on one area of the game. You get everything you need to understand how to teach successfully. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is left out. All the fundamentals are there. And thats just a small taste of what you will get when you order the Teachers Guide Absolutely everything anyone would ever need to learn how to successfully teach is contained within this impressive work. Okay, Im sold, but whats this incredible resource going to cost me? When I first began to think about putting my manual on the market, my first thought was to create a seminar where people could actually get the benefits in a hands-on way. I know not everyone loves to read, so that seemed to be a great solution. But, I quickly realized how time consuming that would be for everyone so instead, I decided I wanted as many people as possible to reap the benefits of this fabulous manual. So, Im willing to slash the cost just so you can take advantage of the incredible information within Teachers Guide.
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Thursday, 19 October 2017

School Management: 8 Proven Ways to Motivate Your Teachers and Get them More Committed

In school management, one sure and easy way to achieve the core goals of any school system is getting the teachers motivated so that they would be fully committed and loyal to the course of the organization.
Having been in the school management role for over 6 years of my near 20 years’ experience as a teacher, coupled with my intuition as a management theorist, I am talking about things that are both practical and proven. Experts in the field also concur with this.
When teachers fail to give their best for any reason whatsoever, it becomes difficult to meet up with the expectations of management, irrespective of the level of innovations and policies put together.

As it is, smart school owners employ the simplest tool of motivation to get their teachers do their bidding without feeling the pressure and reluctance of doing it.

Of course, there are few insubordinate ones that would always want to rock the boat. I think the school disciplinary policies will take care of that.
Meanwhile, on a general note, I show you eight simple, but proven ways to win over your teachers, irrespective of their natural tendencies, and make them work for you.
 #1. Share your visions with them
Sharing your vision with your teachers helps them appreciate that bigger picture with you. This has a way of motivating them work harder in order to see that big picture becomes a reality. At least everyone wants to be where things are happening.

#2. Reward commitment appropriately
Simply set up a reward system in your school, and periodically reward teachers who are highly committed to duty. By the time others notice that there is a reward for commitment, they would give it all their best, at least to be in the ‘reward’ list. The resultant effect of this in form of optimum productivity will cover whatever you might have spent in rewarding their commitment.

The ultimate result of this is what in management studies is termed, ‘The workers work more; the non-workers start working’.

#3.  Give them leadership
Every man takes pride in leadership! Even if it will take you to create units and sub-units in your school, to ensure that every one of your teachers is a ‘leader’, just do that.
Whenever people are given a leadership responsibility, they want to succeed at all cost and by every possible means. You must avoid the mistake of concentrating only on a selected few in your school leadership role. If as a school manager, you’ve never employed this tactics, just try it, and the result will shock you. It works like magic.

#4.  Always give them surprise package
You don’t need to wait for the staff revolt before you increase salaries or improve on their working conditions. Go beyond giving them their due pay and always plan for a surprise mouth-watering package for them at intervals. Do this and your teachers would want to work their skins out in order to reciprocate your good gesture.

#5.  Involve them in the organizational decision-making process
When teachers are made to be part of the organizational decision-making process, it helps to boost their morale. They feel important and relevant, and with such feeling comes the supposition that they are ‘co-owners’ of the school business, and would stop at nothing to see it succeed.

#6.  Be the first to go the way
Here exemplary leadership is the issue. If you are not willing to risk your resources and every other thing that matters to you, for the growth of that organization, be sure none of your teachers would ever try to ‘die’ for another man’s business. But when you show example by giving it your best, they would gladly put in more than you even do to ensure that the school business goals are not jeopardized.

#7.  Show genuine interest in their personal matters
How do you react or respond to the pressing needs and problems encountered by any or every one of your teaching staff?
It could be bereavement, health challenges, financial challenges, family crises or any other life-threatening and heart-breaking experiences. Be sure of this: if you show little or no interest in their personal challenges, they would go with the feeling that they’ve been only your slaves all the while; and no man would want to be a slave for too long. Show interest in their personal matters and they would commit themselves more to the organization beyond your wildest imagination.

#8.  Feel free to share useful ideas with them
Offering counsels and sharing vital ideas and information is another way of telling your teachers how committed you are to their individual quest for personal growth and development. When you make that a habit, your teachers would want to reciprocate by expending themselves to work for you.

No man builds an organization alone successfully without the positive input of other team members. And the school business is not an exception.
You’ve got a great team of work force; all you need to do is encourage and motivate them to put in their best, otherwise they may end up being disgruntled, who are ready enemies within. And be sure, if that becomes their lot, they would collaborate to see to the death of that school.

Simply put: develop a team of loyal and highly committed teacher work force, and you’ve already built for the future! You can now go for your one year sabbatical in Paris.

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