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Dear Reader, Teaching has been a time honored tradition for hundreds of years. Whether you want to pursue a career in teaching or you wish to volunteer your time as a teacher, it is important to learn key techniques which can improve your teaching abilities. Without the right tools and information, it could take you years and cost you a small fortune to discover the secrets to teaching. Instead of spending a fortune on so-called experts or knocking yourself out with the old trial and error method, there is an easier way to be the teacher you have always dreamed of. Now theres good news .... I wont deny that there are a ton of books out there on teaching. Unfortunately the problem with most books on the subject of teaching is that they are either filled with plenty of promises and no solid techniques and strategies to back up those promises or they contain only one or two pieces of useful information and not a comprehensive look at everything you need to know to succeed in teaching. 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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

9 Indispensable Skills for 21st Century Educators

The 21st century education is in need of educators who can do things differently from what used to be obtainable in the pre-21st century era. Advancement in technology is having its toll on how things are done virtually in every area of human life. interestingly, the field of education is the most hit.
But then, it's not only technology that is affecting education. Social changes, economic realignments and psychological effects of the upsurge in natural disasters, insecurity and family disintegration all lend hand to make the world of education take a dramatic turn from the old way.

And guess who bears the greater brunt in all these!  The classroom teacher of course.

The 21st century teacher needs to be a tough-minded person to be able to weather this storm and still remain relevant and helpful in giving parents the true value for their money in the education of their children. Doing this is not a child's play. Certain skills must be mastered and employed if success and relevance remains the goal for the teacher.

Today's teachers' challenges

Teachers of the 21st century era need to face the unique difficulties of meeting up with demands of technology-driven education as well as coping with satisfying the learning demand of each learners' group- be it kinesthetic, visual or auditory.
One of the biggest challenges for 21st century educators is the role of technology in the classroom. As technology grows as an influence to every day life, it’s important for teachers to educate students on the best ways to use digital resources on the web and through new devices. However, smartphones, the internet, and myriad apps can also present significant distractions in the classroom and divide student attention. Teaching students how to use technology optimally and appropriately is one of the most difficult parts of being a teacher today.
With the rise in classroom size there is also an increase in the diversity of students and their learning styles. For educators, using varied teaching methods to cover specified curricula and meet multiple learning styles is challenging, too. It’s important to reach kinesthetic and visual learners in a classroom, but it can also be taxing. Addressing specific learning styles is an ongoing challenge for teachers today as more is discovered about how children learn best.
Other challenges in today’s classroom include too much required material, too little time, scarce resources, finding effective lesson plan ideas, and teacher isolation.

What you need to cope

Learn about the 9 most important skill required to succeed in today's educational environment.

#1. Tech Savvy Skills

Today's children are of digital natives, and nothing can be done about it than to accept the fact and adapt. In the nearest future, technology will completely take over the educational system that one can only qualified to be a teacher, who has not only the basic knowledge but an advanced and practical knowledge of how to handle certain educational tech tools like video lesson creation tools, PowerPoint and Word p program masterclass, Infographic, gaming, Google classroom and all that.


The 21st century teacher need not just regional collaboration, but global collaboration from fellow teachers around the world. In fact collaboration is key to 21st century teacher's success. Thank goodness for how technology is bringing all of us together. Today, every teacher has access to get materials and helpful guide from others in an online community. And this is a skill every 21st century teacher must imbibe.

#3. Time Management

While it appears technology has come to help teachers recoup time, the opposite is the case, especially in developing countries like we have in Africa. In reality, what we are operating here is a blended classroom- a combination of the traditional classroom structure and another that is technology-driven. And the teacher is expected to meet up while carrying out his/her multitasking assignment as a classroom teacher. If there is any skill so vital, it is time management skill- there is no time for frivolities.

#4. Adaptability

Another skill required of a 21st century teacher is adaptability skill. Take note of this: the changes we are seeing today in the education environment is something that will keep evolving. New tools and techniques for teaching and learning will emerge. Hence, to remain relevant, the 21st century teacher must be ready to adapt to these changes as they emerge.

#5. Creativity

This is one of the key concepts of the 21st century education. The 21st century teacher must be able to innovate. Some age-long principles would cease to be relevant in the 21st classroom, requiring that the modern teacher gets creative enough to find answers to the students' questions in every area of learning.

#6. Personal Development & Constant Learning

Depending on only what was taught and mastered during the teachers' training college days would be an easier way for any 21st century teacher to go into extinction. The 21st century learners are smart children with high critical thinking abilities. They may not yet beat their marks in solving Algebra, but be sure they would be so smart in sourcing and analyzing information that it would take a teacher who is up to date to outsmart them in their own game. To do that, you need constant learning as a teacher today.

#7. Financial management 

Financial management is not just about managing the meager salary. It starts with income sourcing and continues with right budgeting, spending, savings and investment. One of the economic predictions of the 21st century is the collapse of the macro-economic structure. Hence, it would take multiplying income source to survive the coming tsunami. Quitting the profession remains the wrong option as it would be rosier being a teacher in the nearest future than working in any other profession. But the issue is that the 21st century teacher must learn financial management and apply it.

Teachers can create multiple income source through educational consultancy, blogging, online tutorial, writing books etc.

Recommended: 6 Alternative Income Sources for African Teachers

#8. Mental Stability

The advancement in technology-driven education would, rather than ameliorate the pressure of work on teachers, increase it. The pressure of work would be so much that a lot of teachers might go 'crazy'. The only check against this will be the development of a mental stability to weather the storms. Like I earlier opined, quitting is never the best possible option.

#9. Healthy Teacher-Parent Relationship

The traditional 'cat and dog' relationship that characterized the pre-21st century education environment cannot possibly work today. As long as the goal of education is to bring out the best in learners and make them relevant in their world, the tie that holds teachers and parents must get tighter.  The teacher's effort in the classroom must be followed up by the parents in order to cement the real deal into the school children's lives. To achieve this, the two parties must work together or at least appear to do just that.

Today's teacher must be able to understand the paradigm shift from the conventional to the more innovative system of education 21st century offers. And effort made to develop skills and potentials required to be relevant in it.

See you on top!

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