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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Country Club Management: How Your School Fares under a Sanguine Manager

The possibility and otherwise of meeting up with the goals and objectives of any school system as enshrined in its Mission and Vision Statement has more to do with the man at the helm  than it is with the documented policies and guiding principles of the school.

This is because, no matter how noble and promising a school policy statement may appear, its implementation must be carried out by the men and women who form the management team. But the chief driver is that man or woman called The School Head or Administrator (or any other equivalent name). And his/her entire humanity trait and tendencies have a lot to do with the work he/she has been called to do.

Interestingly, in all the various humanity traits that rob on the performance potentials of school heads and administrators, none is as much pronounced as temperamental traits.

You may want to know…

Of what temperament is the man who heads your school?

-         The power-hungry choleric?
-         The popularity-mongering sanguine?
-         The perfection-seeking melancholic?
-         The peace-settling phlegmatic?

In case you don’t understand the theory of temperament in school management system, I may need to produce another extensive work on that.

Read: How Teachers' Temperament affect Their Classroom delivery

Each of the foregoing temperamental traits has its pros and cons of course.

Meanwhile, in this post we are looking at how the charismatic sanguine manager would fare in terms of taking your school to its dream land.

It will be nice to consider the sanguine manager’s potential achievement using the ‘7M School management models’ and see how the man fares under each of them.

I have been privileged to work in so many organizations- schools and other non-school organizations. These 7 areas has always been the reason for the rise or fall of organizational management.

While others wondered what could have triggered the sudden change of fortune with the man at the top; as a temperamental coach, I have always known that it has a lot to do with temperamental tendencies than for any other factor.

So how does the sanguine school head fare under these factors?:

Managerial style

Every school head you have ever met fall into any of these 3 core managerial style:

-         Autocratic manager: The one who drives the rest of the workers mad with his autocratic tendencies. His opinions are final.

-         Democratic manager: The one who listens to others’ opinions before finalizing decision.

-         Laissez faire manager: The one who is a stooge to those under him. He lacks the power of control and rather allows his subordinates to lead the way.

Your sanguine manager is a democrat. He is a team leader. If he works in a right mind, he has what it takes to pull others to achieve organizational goal.

Verdict: He is good to go as a school head.

Maintaining organizational standard

Another area of the school life that matters so much is keeping organizational core standards and policies. So what is your expectation here from your sanguine school head?

Forget it! The man you hired for the job is a spoilt child!

Sanguines are naturally carefree and undisciplined, and that does not change even when they become managers, except if they see this as a threat to their career progress and make concrete effort to work on themselves.

Verdict: Looking for a conventional manager-the one to keep to the age-long standard of the school? Never hire a sanguine for the post!

Managing public relations

Every serious-minded school system would definitely relate with its external environment-the public.

So how does your sanguine manager fare here?

Simply put, Sanguines are experts in this area. With his natural tendency to socialize, the sanguine manager creates a positive image of inter-dependent interaction between the school and the public it serves. In fact, some parents are still patronizing the school just because of him.

Verdict: He is good to go here.

Meeting targets

Do you know organizational goals are achieved only when targets are met within the stipulated time frame?

So how does the man at the driver’s seat fare in this area?

The uncultured nature of the sanguine makes it difficult for him to meet targets. He is easily carried away by frivolities. Meeting targets is what an average sanguine school head can only achieve in one out of one hundred attempts.

Sounds incredible! But it’s a reality!

Verdict: Don’t hire a sanguine as head of school if your primary concern is meeting targets.

Money management

Money is an essential component of every school system. I have not yet seen or heard of schools running as a charitable or not-for-profit making organization. Even the so-called charitable outfits make money one way or the other, and are nonetheless interested in its management.

Is it enough to collect tuition and other fees from school? What happens to the management of the monies collected?

Ask your sanguine school head!

The average sanguine manager is a ‘Country club’ manager. He wants to enjoy himself more than he delivers in his job description; and he transfers that mindset to the entire team. Hence, if you don’t regulate a sanguine school head in terms of financial management, his termly financial report will only show money in the books but none at the bank.

Verdict: If possible, give him every other thing to handle but not money.

Moral integrity

Nothing defines and determines the long term standing of a school system more than the moral integrity or otherwise of its administrative head.

Where there is lack of moral integrity, organizational standards and codes of operation are sacrificed on the altar of ‘my clique complex’, bribery and kickbacks, sexual immoralities- all leading to monumental frauds, cover ups, blackmail, undue favouritism and eventual collapse.

Unfortunately, your man-the sanguine school head scores zero in moral integrity.

Verdict: Except this area does not matter to you; otherwise don’t keep a sanguine for too long in that position.

Managing innovations

In the face of the ever-evolving educational environment, no school remains afloat without innovation. And the man at the helm has a lot to do in terms of coming up with innovations as well as driving it to achieve the core goals of the school.

Does your sanguine school head have what it takes to meet up this obligation?

Coming up with innovations? Yes!

But maintaining it to achieve needed long term result? No!

Verdict: If he must be there, he then needs a continual follow-up until targets are met; otherwise you’ve innovated for the gods!


Sanguines can make good school administrators in spite of their temperamental weaknesses (after all,others have theirs too). But the key issue here is: If you must have a sanguine at the helm of your school management, then you’ve got to put some measures in place that would help cushion the effects of his obvious lapses.

A lot can be achieved in terms of growth as well as meeting the core objectives of any school if efforts are made to get it right when it comes to choosing who leads the line in our administrative processes and practice.

If you don’t still know what to do, hire me as your consultant… 

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