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Friday, 28 April 2017

5 Core Lessons from the Teachers' Network Conference in Lagos

I was one of the participants of the just concluded ‘Teachers Network Conference’ held in Lagos, Nigeria on Saturday, April 1, 2017, where the likes of Rhoda Odigboh of The Learning Craft, (who was the anchor person), Mr Joseph Aisida, Mr Jude Ashiedu, Ms Toyin Emehelu, Ms Ify Obidi etc were part of the resource persons. While the program lasted, I was able to pick out some salient points, which I think should be a core lesson from that conference for every participant…

Even if you were not privileged to be part of that conference, these lessons as I share them, will inspire you to do something that would better your lot as an African teacher.

The lessons…

·       Lesson 1: Team Work Pays

I repeat, team work pays. In one of my blog post after that conference, I wrote about the need for collaboration among African teachers. Frankly speaking, it was the kind of team work and collaboration I observed among these guys that spurred me to create that post.

It’s just like in a typical football team; whatever be the individual giftedness or ability of each member of the team, much cannot be achieved except they work as a team.

I was thrilled when Ms Rhoda said, ‘I met all these guys virtually online…’ and guess what!

They form a team, though as independent outfits, but harmoniously working together to support each other’s dreams and projects. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Team work and collaboration help in many ways than one:

*** Each member of the team complementing each other’s efforts and resources. Of course, Ms Rhoda alone could not had been able to handle all the sessions- on blogging, video creation, infographic, Podcast and screen cast, digital marketing, excel tricks and all that. But by bringing in these other guys, she has been able to leverage on their expertise- the same she gives back when any of them also invites her.

Think of how sweet life is when we work as a team!

*** Team work helps to support growth. Take for instance, if each member of the team operates a blog site; and there is collaboration. It will be easy for everyone to visit others’ site, make comments, share in their individual social communities, and thereby driving easy traffic for all, which in turn profits the site owner.

And the truth is that, while doing this, no one loses, but all has gained.

***Team work and collaboration does a whole lot of good to everyone involved.
Simply put, it is Together Everyone Achieves More!

No wonder why Lagos teachers are doing great. I am jealous already!

Even as I am writing this post, they are still showing support to one another. We all need that.

·       Lesson 2: Teachers should re-brand themselves

The average African teacher would not want to tell you that he/she is a teacher.


Because here in Africa, there is no pride in being a teacher- they are poorly paid; they are the filth of the world.

And this negative tag has been there for a very long time.

The question is, do we need to continue with that ignoble tag?

I am sure my big friend, Toyin Emehelu will shout, ‘God forbid, no way’!

Ify Obidi will say, ‘Abeg, let’s rebrand ourselves joor’!

When next you see Ms Rhoda, my mentor, you will find it difficult accepting the fact that these guys are or were ever classroom teachers.

What happened?

They just look at the world eyeball to eyeball and declared, ‘we are not the filth of the world, and we are shining stars that must be celebrated’.

And that’s rebranding!

Don’t go with the tag the world has given you. Rebrand yourself with a newer and better identity. Become a professional with repute for excellence.

I still feel for teachers who are making themselves so cheap.

You can be a hot cake- schools going after you to consult for them, have seminars with their teachers and all that. Not just the type that is shown the door at every instance of provocation.

There is a quality you would have and you won’t be afraid losing that job, especially when it has to do with management lapses.

However, remember rebranding is not just a theoretical assumption. You’ve got to develop yourself through reading, trainings etc.

Forget what you said you read at the higher institution and learn new things, acquire new skills, seek for excellence and competence in whatever you do. Create a social community or join one. Start writing and let the world know what you can do.

My friend, re-brand yourself so that those who knew you before as that ‘small man’, would later see you as that ‘big man’.

Simply put, make yourself relevant to your world!

·       Lesson 3: Technology is shaping the world of education

It was all about how technology can reshape our classroom deliveries and all that.

Of course, the teacher is still the affairs director, but technology is the driving tool.

Conventional mindset poses a threat to technology-driven education. A lot of people from this conventional school of thought would want to roll out one thousand and one cons of technology- how its negatives outweighs its positives; how our children can be ‘spoilt’ if allowed access to technology, bla bla bla…

“It is reality that shapes the world; life dictates its own tune”

And the tune of the world today is technology. Today’s children are technology children. You find kids at the age of 7 or below doing wonders with their parents’ gadgets. You don’t need to teach them, it’s already ingrained in them.

All our conventional paper works are becoming unnecessary burden on both teachers and learners. Unfortunately, these paper works will soon be irrelevant in a world where technology is fast taking the driver’s seat.

If we are building the children for the future, then we must embrace technology-driven education.

Technology has a way to sharpen the critical and creative thinking abilities of school children.

A lot of children we refer to as dull pupils have ended up becoming star when they’re permitted to explore technology. This is because technology-driven education has a way of catering for every learner’s group-be it kinesthetic, visual or audio learners.

Another begging question here is, ‘Why must we forcefully overload school children with something that would definitely not be of help to them in the near future'?

With technology fast moving towards artificial intelligence, in the near future, every learning, expression and human interaction would have been taken over completely by technology.

So why not embrace it now? The civilized countries of the West are already there.

Someone rightly put up a question, “Why do we still bother our children so much about ‘best handwriting’ when we know a time comes when they might never need to write on a black and white to communicate their thoughts and ideas”?

Technology is the in-thing now, let us embrace it.

·       Lesson 4: Tomorrow is bright for education  and educators in Nigeria

That teachers’ conference was like an enlightenment program. It inspired hope that after all, Nigerian education and educators can still aspire for greatness and better future.

I was so inspired that the moment I came back home from that conference, I opened this blog site, created both Facebook group and Facebook page for the site, and as well joined some communities of educators online.

For me, there is light and great future with this profession and I would want to be part of the men that invigorate that hope for Nigerian teachers.

It is now getting clearer that the future of Nigerian teachers is in their own hands.

Forget the insensitive government. If Nigerian teachers rise up to work towards making the teaching profession a noble and dignified one with good pay, it can be achieved, provided they pursue their quest with vigor and doggedness.

This is also applicable to teachers all over the world.

I predict: In the nearest future, the table will turn and teachers will be singing a more melodious song of ‘we are the one; we are the best; we are the envy of the world.

We are getting there!

·       Lesson 5: Teaching is a noble profession after all

 Looking at the exploits being made by some outstanding educators within and beyond national boundaries, you can see the in-depth giftedness resident in teachers.

The average teacher is highly endowed with grace and giftedness. No wonder teachers are molders of society’s best products- Engineers, Doctors, Accountants, Lawyers, professionals in any field are all products of the diligent and enterprising work of teachers.

How much more now that teachers are having opportunities to monetize their talents and make a huge mark in the world?

When you combine the joy of being an enlightened voice in the society, the pride of touching and transforming the lives of hitherto-uneducated kids and that of eventually making a huge living out of it, you will definitely join me to shout…

… Eureka! Teaching is a noble profession, and I am already in!

If you were in that conference, share your own lessons in the comment box.


  1. Chima.....what an example of a master educator. These take outs are incredibly poignant. You outlined them in specific and targeted forms for even the most novice educator to consume. I'll be reading a whole lot more from you I'm sure. Well done.

    1. Thank you so much my great mentor. You're my inspiration and I value every one of your comments. Thank you so much.


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