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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

5 Basic Considerations when starting a Secondary school

There is a marked difference between running a primary school and that of a secondary school. As someone rightly put it, ‘they are two different worlds’.

This is why it’s very important to understand what it takes to run a successful secondary school system that will both benefit you and the school children.

A lot of people go into secondary school business from the scratch, that is, not having an already- existing pre-primary platform to build from.

Meanwhile, for many others, it is an upgrade and integration of secondary section into an existing school with primary school already on ground. This group tends to have advantage over the former, as they can easily start off with their primary school graduates.

In any case, the entire structure of secondary and its demands makes it compulsory for any aspiring individual to know what it takes to succeed in secondary school education.

Here I assume you’re going for a standard school system and not one of those ‘mushroom’ schools we see all around us.

If that is the case, here are the 6 basic areas that must be taken seriously in order to achieve the goal of a standard secondary school:

Standard Growth Plan

No man in his right senses ever plans to fail. Meanwhile, starting up and growing a secondary school can be very tricky.

Even in cases where you might be integrating the secondary school section to an already existing school, it’s not yet a guarantee for growth.

Do you know it’s very possible for your primary school graduates to seek admission to secondary school elsewhere even when they are aware that you are coming up with a secondary school the following session; or at best walk away after one term or session?

You see it’s not magic! You have to draw a growth potential plan right from the time the dream or idea of running a secondary school comes to you.

How do you do it?

§  Publicity- you need to start earlier to aggressively create a platform to give publicity to the school. There are many ways to do this without spending so much.

-         If you have an existing primary school, begin with your pupils, offering incentives. Let them know the beauty of being pioneer students of the new school and all that.

-         If you’re starting from the scratch, begin to organize lessons with little or no charge, and then pass across your message in a challenging way that will interest them to be part of that vision.

-         You can as well create a personal blog site (WE CAN BUILD FOR YOU IF YOU NEED ONE FOR YOUR SCHOOL) on a free platform, where you share quality articles (let the world know the stuff you’re made of), while giving publicity to the upcoming secondary school. Make it go viral by sharing on your social media pages, and also ask your friends and family members to share alongside.

-         Publicize it in any group you belong- church, club etc

-         If need be as a startup, spend a little more and publicize using the print and electronic media.

§  Start on a standard note- there is a common myth among us, especially here in Africa that ‘whatever is cheap is inferior as well’. This myth may not always reflect reality and truth, but then, the society has embraced it. Hence, you need to be smart.

In marketing, there is what is called penetrating technique for start-ups to wrestle customers from the old competitors, which involves selling at a lower price than the existing market price, even at a loss, just to create a customer base, and then increase price later. And it works.

… but not in school business.

It is recommended you rather employ the semi-penetrative technique where you charge a higher fee at the onset (which gives your school a bigger-than-life image), but complement it with a big discount.

Let me give you an instance. It will be better for you to place your school fees say, at #100,000 per term, offering discount of 40% for the first 50 students, meaning you are collecting #60,000 from them; than charging #60,000 outright.

What happens here is that when you place your school fees at #100,000, a lot of people see and grade your school as a ‘100k school’, that is only kind enough to give them a discount of #40,000 and they will want to take advantage of that discount. Another benefit for you here is that you can stop the discount at any time and seamlessly go back to the main fees of #100,000 without your parents complaining of school fees hike.

On the other hand, if you start with #60,000, it is always difficult to increase to something bigger in order to cover up with the quality you offer. Most times, when you increase like that, many parents withdraw their wards, citing school fees hike.

Meanwhile, you must embrace a qualitative education right from the onset. You don’t just charge higher fees without a commensurate offer of qualitative education.

If you do your home work very well, you will be sure to start your secondary school with nothing less than forty children, which is not that bad.

Then the challenge of continuous growth and stability stares at your face.

That’s where you need these other key areas.

Experienced and Skilled Teaching and Administrative Staff

If you miss this area at the onset, you’ve already built a crack that would collapse the structure in the near future.

Even you as the owner of the school must not necessarily be the sole administrator. If you know you’re not trained in this area, employ an experienced hand to handle the affairs of the school in line with the ultimate vision and mission of the school.

In recruiting of teaching staff, you can employ fresh hands or deploy some of the skilled and intelligent ones among the primary school teachers who are capable of coping effectively with the secondary school demands.

It’s always the better option, choosing from among your old teachers who already understand the school policies and processes, than employing completely fresh hands. But where the former option is not tenable, employ new hands outrightly.

But they must be among the best in town.

Don’t hire half-baked teachers for those teenagers in secondary school. If you do, that is a sure easy way to ruin the reputation of the school.

While on-the-job training is an integral part of what your school should offer teachers for the overall good of your school, an applicant nonetheless, must show a sign of competence and intelligence for him/her to qualify to be a member of your teaching staff.

You don’t need to spend so much here. The rule is this: Better start with say 4-5 experienced and brilliant minds with a pay that guarantees at least minimal comfort, while promising a pay rise when things improve; than hiring 10 ‘empty’ persons that make due to take peanut as salary, while promising so little in delivery.

     “Good teachers are costly…     … but bad teachers cost more!”

The secondary school students are not in for any ‘nonsense’. They are very ready to force the hands of their parents to change school for them if they don’t get the quality they desired.

Integration of Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

Welcome to the world of teenagers!

That’s secondary school for you.

Unlike the conventional primary school and pre-school academic work that is more of classroom-based; secondary school children are now in the stage of life where they need practical exploration of their worlds.

Most of them at this stage are already fans of football clubs as well as hero worshippers of some music stars and film actors/actresses. Hence, they want to develop their skills in football and entertainment while acquiring academic knowledge.

They are already getting interested in the local politics. They wish they could be leaders.

So what do you do?

Create a platform that combine classroom learning with all these aspirations. That’s where extra-curricular and co-curricular activities come in.

Consider the following:

ü Music and dance club
ü School football/handball team
ü Literacy/Debating Clubs
ü Drama Club
ü Press Club
ü Students government
ü Taekwondo
ü Maths Foundational club
ü JETS club
ü Learning outside the school(LOTS) programmes
ü And lots more

Also integrate life skills and vocational trainings into your curriculum design. Of course you charge parents for most of these ones, but be sure your students will enjoy and appreciate it.

If there is anything that sells your school faster, it is these. Your students would be proud to inform their peers about the uniqueness of their school. And be sure a lot of teenagers would be on their parents’ throat to get them applying for admission into your school.

Facilities and Upgrade

This is another important area.

In my little research as a school administrative team member over the years, I discovered one thing: Parents are not ready to build for you; but build and they will pay for it.

Now you wonder why a lot of people spend so much money raising or hiring good-looking structures as well as spending so much on school decoration, even when they’ve not received any cent from school fees.

The answer is not far-fetched.  Good things attract.

If you hire me to advise you on starting up a school, one thing I will, for sure, recommend is getting a good structure, a beautiful environment that attracts. Whether you are building from scratch, using one of your old buildings or hiring an apartment, do your best to give it a serene touch of beauty.

Repaint, plant flowers, clean up the environment, just do everything that defines beauty for that school.

Well you might not need these if you’re building a ‘mushroom’ school; and of course you don’t need to hire me for a professional advice.

Aside the beautification of the structure and environs, the following are basic facilities that must be put in place for you to achieve the goal of running a standard secondary school.

You’re not doing this for fear of the Ministry, mind you. Those teenagers alone command more authority when it comes to determining whether that school stands or not.

Moreover, whatever you spend to get things right is a lasting investment with huge returns. So, get the following put in place:

v A functional library

v Science laboratories (at the beginning, you may start with just one for all the sciences)

v Sports playground (even if it’s smaller than normal)

v ICT Laboratory (you can start with few computer systems, but ICT must be practical in your school. Today’s educational environment demands it)

v Good school bus, not a rickety one.

v As the school keeps growing, keep upgrading your facilities. It is very absurd to see school owners buying cars and luxurious items for their personal use, while the school facilities are in wreck.

Give your school the best touch of excellence. Invest in its facility upgrade. It is an image enhancer that pays huge at the long run. Nothing attracts parents and students like good school facilities.

General School Policy

This one comes last in our list; but frankly speaking it should be the first in design.

You can’t run a standard secondary school system without a well-documented, laid-down principles and policies that should guide the overall activities of the school.

School business should not be run on sentiment (though this is the norm in Africa).

A standard set policy statement helps to boost the image of your school as having a standardized tag.

I am not talking of mere paper works on rules and regulations that only have room for punitive.

Your school policy statement must capture the following key points:

  • *   School Mission and Vision statement
  • *   Staff recruitment yardstick
  • *   Basis of staff remuneration, welfare and promotional benefits
  • *   Upgrade and expansion
  • *   Organogramic functions and line management system
  • *   Staff disengagement policies
  • *   Teacher-parent relationship and reporting
  • *   Students’ discipline
  • *   Students’ welfare
  • *   Academic discipline and competitiveness
  • *   Learning Outside The School (LOTS) policy
  • *   General finance and management structure
  • *   Curriculum design policy (Nigeria-based, British-based or combination of both)

*   The list is endless.

These things must be structured into your school policy statement. None of them should appear so insignificant enough to be neglected.

Don’t assume they’re there; let them be enshrined in a document that is accessible to every relevant party.

As restless as your teenage students might be, they would want to show responsibility and good behavior when they know the school has a strict, but humane policy on discipline, as well as a place for students’ welfare.

Both old and new teachers have the orientation of what they are expected to do to remain relevant, as well knowing what it would take to merit promotional benefits or disengagement.

Never run your school on sentiments and family tie and all that. I am not saying it is wrong to bring in close relations into strategic areas of management that demands trust; but allowing the family tie influence overrule the general school policy statement is so dangerous.

Let me just give you a tip:

          “If you run your school on family tie and sentiment, it cannot grow beyond time and talent input; but if you run your school based on pure standard policy statement; it grows beyond your time, talent and physical presence input… others are ready to work with you.”

There are of course a lot to do when it comes to running a successful secondary school system, which would be discussed in our upcoming articles; but the foregoing points are enough for start-ups that wish to start well and grow beyond dreams.

*** We train teachers on supportive management principles that help teachers to grow professionally, as well as make them build for the school… *** You can always contact us for both online (whatsapp for now) or offline training.

Feel free to add your thoughts, ask questions and point to any perceived error in this article.

“Teachers are just humans”!

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